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For the past month and a half I have been training twenty-one high school teachers from all over the world - Rwanda, Ghana, Bangladesh, India, Jordan, Nicaragua, Estonia, Egypt, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Thailand, and the Ukraine.  They are wonderful people, and it has been a great experience for me personally.  They have come to the United States through a program called IREX/TEA (…).

One of the things they wanted to learn was to create and manage their own websites - so I set out to look for the easiest way to do that.  I found a website called Weebly ( which allows you to create and manage your own website - and it's very easy to use.  There is a free version, and a pro version that you can subscribe to for a monthly fee.  Anyway, if you want to have a look at the quickie website I created on Weebly, please have a look...

Also, if you're looking for some great educational resources, I run a very active blog where I share many wonderful resources and apps.  You'd be welcome to have a look...

If you have some great resources you'd like me to share there, I would appreciate any suggestions.  Just write to me at

Well, my friends, I hope you're having a wonderful day.  We had our first snow of the season last night.  For many of my foreign students, it was the first time in their lives they have seen snow.  The were as excited as children on Christmas Day.  What a fun experience!
HelenLight Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh. I understand. That must be so much fun. I think education is more appreciated in other countries than in the U.S. for some reason. And even if it will be difficult for them, their persistence and passion for learning will let them reach their goals.
HelenLight Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That must've been exciting to meet people from all over the world. Did they grasp the information quickly? I was offered to help elderly people use computers and the Internet, but since there was an issue with transportation I declined. By the way, are these people artists or just wanted to learn how to create Web sites?
nmsmith Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi Helen,

It has been one of the peak experiences of my life to work with these people. They are quick to learn, even though their experience and skills vary widely. Ten of them are high school science teachers, the others are high school EFL teachers. (EFL stands for English as a Foreign Language) They came to the United States to learn about U.S. Education methodologies, educational technologies, and for a cultural exchange.

The purpose of the IREX/TEA program: "The Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program (TEA) brings outstanding secondary school teachers from around the globe to the United States to further develop expertise in their subject areas, enhance their teaching skills, and increase their knowledge about the United States."

In my technology portion of their experience, they said...

We want to learn how and when technology can and should be used as a teaching tool. When is the right time to use technology in a classroom.

We want to learn websites that contain resources and answers to our teaching needs.

We want to be up-to-date ("updated") on technologies used in teaching.

We want to learn image, video, and audio editing.

We want to learn how to increase the effectiveness of our PowerPoint presentations.

We want to learn about sites where we can upload files and information for our students. Related to this, we also want to know how to use social networking in a teaching capacity.

We want to learn how to create our own websites.

We want to learn how to create online tests.

We want to learn EFL or English resources.

We want to learn tools that would allow us to better communicate with students and parents.

We were able to cover most of that in the 6 weeks we were together. They are an amazing group of people.
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